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About me

I’m a life coach, immersive meditation facilitator and visionary consultant. I help individuals and couples struggling with change, transition or mental confusion move from their head to their heart, gaining clarity and peace of mind. From this space of clarity, I help them to formulate a simple and practical course of action to achieve their desired goals.  


Regarding for my calming presence, I have an innate ability to nurture an environment of authenticity, vulnerability, and meaningful connection.


My Approach

My methods inspire positivity while holding the space for you to express yourself fully as you learn and grow on your life journey. I actively listen to assist you through transitions, loss, or challenges. 

Using a combination of energy healing techniques, guided meditation journeys, and coaching, I will support you to tap into your still small voice, where you will use your own intuition to move you forward on your path.

My clients have expressed feeling immediate relief and healing during our journeys. From this space of feeling perfect, whole and complete, they return to their personal power, energized and focused to achieve their goals.

My passion for service and seeing others reach their fullest potential is deeply rewarding. I enjoy what I do and would love to work with you! 

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